Fishpot Lake is 86 hectares in size and is approx. one mile across by two miles long. Generally we find the lake breaks up around the last week of April or first week of May. After the lake has turned over in early May the fishing becomes increasingly productive. We are restocked with the Blackwater Strain of Rainbow Trout by Fisheries B.C. the first week in June. We receive 5000 baby trout each year. As the temperature raises through the summer, the fish due tend to go deeper but by September we see a return to greater productivity and often the larger fish are caught at this time.

For fly fishermen: Doc spratleys, half backs, woolly buggers, tom thumbs and dragon fly-nymphs work well. Gear fishermen should try a small willow leaf and either a green or red wedding band with a red worm for luring in the trout. Either a silver or a silver and blue flatfish also work well.

A short drive from Fishpot Lake are several other lakes, rivers and creeks that also provide excellent fishing with fish ranging in size from ½ lb to 8lbs. Local creeks supply trout, bull trout, rocky mtn. white fish, ling cod, spring salmon and various bottom feeders. The Blackwater river is a 45 min. drive away and it has excellent dry fly fishing.

We sell fishing tackle, bait and licenses. Also, we rent boats and fishing rods for the whole family to enjoy.

If you are a fisherman there is something here that will suit your taste.